Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Which is Better – Wallpaper or Paint?

Summary: Over the years, wallpaper has gained popularity is mostly preferred over paint. However, there is no need to choose one option among wallpaper and paint. Both complement each other and create the best room together. Here’s how.

Every homeowner aspires to beautify his or her home with elegance, style and not to forget utmost functionality. Towards this, they buy the best furniture, sanitary ware and others of the latest designs matching the updated trends.

Decorating Walls

One of the most important features of a well-decorated home are the four walls that give definition, colour and aesthetics to the home. However, changing times have made natural wallpapers in Hyderabad a preference with many. Although there’s a hullabaloo to buy wallpapers in Hyderabad to best adorn the walls, which option is truly viable and better? Which one should you choose for your room?

Read on to understand which one works best for your room.

Wallpaper vs Paint

First and foremost, you need to understand that it is not essential for you to choose one of the two among wallpapers and paint. A combination of the two can also make the room elegant and beautiful. Moreover, wallpaper in one room and paint in another is also viable, depending on the use.

However, in most cases, the use of wallpaper and paint together can give definition to the walls, which paint alone can rarely provide. It is advisable to use wallpaper on the walls; thanks to the countless benefits it boasts of.

· The lifespan of wallpaper, when installed properly, is three times that of paint. It lasts for almost 15 years. What’s more, if you do not want to maintain the same look for such a long period, you can use paintable wallpapers, which can be altered whenever required.

· When compared to paint, wallpapers offer a large variety of decorating options. You will be surprised to see the number of designs, patterns and colours they are available in. Interesting wallpaper designs rarely fail to up the look of a room. What’s more wallpapers can even be painted to add some texture to the room while painting the other walls with your favourite colour.

· Wallpaper can be placed differently to make a difference. A room can look great with a painted wall adorned with a wallpaper border. Another way to add the style element is to place the wallpaper in a way that the border is at chair length and the other half of the wall can be painted. Classic designs placed in a variety of ways are a feature only wallpapers can provide.

· Wallpaper is easy to clean. What’s more, it does not fade with repeated cleaning, unlike paints. Moreover, the small stains often get hidden in the busy print of wallpaper. In fact, in places like the kitchen, where the walls are prone to stains, wallpaper with a busy design is preferable.

· Wallpaper is capable of hiding the flaws in the wall’s plaster.

·  To make a statement, you need not install wallpaper on all the four walls. Wallpaper can be put on one wall, i.e. the featured wall and the others can be painted to create an elegant, different and stylish look.

· The intriguing textures, interesting designs and colours never fail to make an impactful effect on the room’s décor.

· Peel and stick or removable wallpaper is easy to change.

· Wallpapers are available in dazzling and sparkling designs, which have effects like pearl and glitter, silk embossed designs and more so. The variety will mesmerize you and in fact, make it challenging to make a choice.

· Wallpapers allow you to give character to each room in accordance with their functionality.

As wallpaper and paints complement each other, a good choice is to adorn your walls with both. However, to add elegance to the room, it is important to choose the design diligently and carefully.

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